OPC DA Client



OPC DA Client allows for managing and controlling all the processes through a single interface. It is very convenient, since there is no need to understand the functioning of third-party servers. The plugin ensures smooth data capturing from both local and remote hardware. The program monitors the connection to OPC-servers and can reconnect to them if necessary, thus, ensuring seamless access to information.

This plugin is very easy to install and use. There is a free download version for 32 points available on our website. In order to purchase this program for more tags, add the item to the cart and place an order. Learn more about the product by calling the number provided in our contact information.

The OPC DA Client plugin of Multi-Protocol MaterOPC Server provides connection to and data acquisition from OPC DA/HDA servers.

If the built-in OPC UA server of Multi-Protocol MaterOPC Server is activated, the converter «OPCDA–OPCUA» is enabled. This allows embedding «classic» OPC servers into systems based on the OPC UA technology.

When using the OPC UA Client plugin in another Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server, it is possible to create a tunnel – translation of OPC DA interfaces over routed network or the Internet without necessity to configure DCOM and VPN due to the use of OPC UA as an intermediate means for data transfer in binary and encrypted form.