IEC 61850 OPC Server



IEC 61850 MasterOPC Server is an OPC server destined to operate with any equipment that supports data exchange via the IEC 61850 protocol. Such equipment is most often used for monitoring parameters of electrical current in power plants. Due to wide use of the protocol, the OPC server is tested on various hardware configurations that are typical for substations (SIEMENS, ABB, AREVA, GE, SATEC, etc.) Stress test of the server showed its high performance and possibility of lossless transmission of short pulse signals.

OPC server for protocol IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 OPC server is a unique software product. It is designed to combine hardware and software from different manufacturers into one system. It conducts rapid data collection from all relay protection and automatic devices and transmits them for further processing. Due to its compatibility with any hardware supporting the IEC 61850 standard, it allows the use of universal SCADA systems.

The high demand for the OPC server for IEC 61850 is due to the wide dissemination of this protocol. Many manufacturers of relay protection produce hardware with embedded support for this standard. The software product is mainly used for complex automation of high-voltage substations and dispatching of other electric power facilities.

Benefits of OPC server for IEC 61850

The OPC server for the protocol IEC 61850 is a reliable, functional and efficient product. It guarantees optimal performance with regard to a huge data flow. Easy configuration and operation are important features of this software.

Due to its high performance, it can work with several thousand tags and at the same time load the substation only slightly. This allows you to save money on hardware. Emergency failures and interruptions are minimized. The software provides a stable data flow. 100% compatibility with various smart and electronic devices makes it possible to exchange information with virtually any equipment of a substation or a factory.

How to order software?

On the website, you can download a free version of the OPC server for IEC 61850 that supports 32 tags. This is not a trial product. It is intended for full-fledged use in small applications.

To buy a version that supports 500 or more tags, please purchase the software through the website, or contact us for assistance.