OPC Server for Omron Controllers



Omron PLCs are widely used in various of fields, especially in assembly lines, machines, batching systems, automotive and medical electronics, etc. The controllers have established themselves as high-performance, reliable, functional and affordable solutions. In Omron networks, the controllers use the FINS protocol to communicate between themselves.

FINS is an open communication protocol. The most of controllers and networks of Omron support this protocol. The FINS protocol operates in Ethernet networks (via the UDP transport protocol) as well as over serial communication channels (RS-232, RS-485 or GSM).

The FINS OPC server is implemented as a plugin for Multi-Protocol MasterOPC Server.

The Benefits of the Omron OPC Server

The Omron OPC server provides extra reliability and safety for the control system. The product eliminates the need to develop programs that collect data from all devices. The FINS OPC server for the Omron equipment allows to concentrate on the work with the received data. The software supports a simple script language which makes it possible to process the read information before it is recorded. The archives are stored in a built-in SQL server.

The Omron OPC server is a high-performant server that ensures years of stable work. The program is built on basic standards and meets every requirement for software designed for engineers and system integrators. These benefits explain why the product is in high demand.

Main Characteristics of Omron MasterOPC Server

  • Support of the following standards: OPC DA, OPC HDA and OPC UA
  • Communication with devices via the following interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Monitoring of values of variables
  • Remote access to the server via DCOM
  • Connection to several devices simultaneously
  • Operation with several clients simultaneously
  • Export/import of tags and devices
  • Archiving of tags; transmission of archives via OPC HDA
  • Supports import of tags from the “Omron CX-Programmer” &  “Sysmac Studio” development environment