A feature rich, easy to use, and cost-effective set of OPC Software



Wide Variety of Protocols

MasterOPC supports a variety of Industry standard protocols making it a very handy tool to have.

Extremely Easy to Use

Unlike a lot of other OPC Software, MasterOPC is very intuitive and easy to use, even for first time users.


MasterOPC’s pricing is lower than almost any other OPC Software, making it excellent for System Integrators & end-users alike.

Extendible by Simple Scripting

The built-in programming editor allows engineers to extend the functionality with simple C++ like language called Lua.

Lightweight, Small Footprint Software

MasterOPC software is stable, fast, and has a light impact on system resources such as Hard Disk, CPU & RAM.


Both Windows & Linux platforms are supported by MasterOPC Software giving you lot of flexibility in choosing the hardware.

Reliable Software With Global Installed-base

MasterOPC has thousands of installations across the Globe, and is running successfully.

ODBC: Databases Connection

ODBC technology provides integration with various Database Systems. The built-in script editor allows custom SQL queries.



Universal Modbus OPC Server

Free (32 tags)

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Trial 64-bit (1 hour time limit)

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Multi-protocol OPC Server

Free (32 tags)

Trial (1 hour time limit)

Trial 64-bit (1 hour time limit)

Installation Instructions

License Related

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Application Related Questions

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MasterOPC is an OPC Software suite by MPS Soft. MPS Soft is a leader in the Russian industrial automation market. For over 30 years MPS Soft has been developing software solutions for industrial automation and digitalization. MasterOPC industrial communication platform is the main product in MPS Soft portfolio. In 2020 more than 10,000 installations were deployed across CIS and Europe.

MasterOPC is a single platform for collecting, processing and accessing industrial data. Using MasterOPC architecture, you can integrate data from various devices and applications — from field device level and up to corporate informational systems

Deutek is the official Channel Partner of M/s. MPS Soft for their MasterOPC line of products. Deutek is based in New Delhi, India, and is a company engaged in providing Industrial Automation Solutions to the industry for more than the last 30 years.


Ans: Master OPC is a reliable, well proven & robust product. It has thousands of installations all across the globe. It is a product that has undergone rigrous field testing, and has been refined over many years. Go through our Features section to see all the reasons why you should go for MasterOPC. So, of course, your project is in good hands!

Ans: No. Your purchased license is valid for lifetime. However, you can purchase updates to the product, but they are not mandatory.

Ans: The license is delivered in an electronic form, along with the installable file of the software. If required, the files can also be supplied on a USB Stick.

Ans: No. Once the license is activated on a PC, it will only support that PC. It cannot be transferred on to another PC. 

Ans: In a rare occasion of PC breakdown, we will support in the one-time re-activation of the license.

Ans: We provide full support starting from installation, key management & activation to application specific support. All support is initiated
through email, and then taken forward through email/ phone or other means.

Ans: Basic support is free of cost. Extended support could be chargeable, but all charges would be explained upfront. MasterOPC Software are
very easy to understand & work with. For most of the application, the included help section in the software would be enough. In our
experience, extended support is not required very often.

MasterOPC offers 1 year of free updates. After that, you can upgrade to the newer version by paying a small fee.